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       With so many options and prices out there for screen repair services, it can be difficult making the right choice.  Sunview rescreen stands out as being a screen business, not  two guys in a truck with a ladder or a handyman (good at all, specialize in none) service.  We are not the cheapest or the most expensive, but we do provide Clean, Quality, Professional service, with a warranty.  All of our employees have years of experience and can answer any questions you may have.           

The choice is simple.


" We had a few torn screens on our lanai. Made a call to Sunview and a guy came out and repaired for us. Clean professional service."

        - J.Ressel, Sarasota


For pool cage, lanai or front entryway rescreen or screen repair, Sunview recommends 18x14 mesh screen material.

We recommend 18 x 14 fiberglass screen material for your pool cage, lanai, front entryway or any screened room. Perfect for screen repair or rescreen situations.

Pool cage screen repair on golf courses. Sunview recommends super screen or 20x20 mesh for rescreening or screen repair.

Tuff Screen is one of the strongest, longest lasting screen materials available for outdoor screen areas. We recommend this material for enclosures near or around golf courses, trees, holds up to pets, tear resistant, mold resistant. This material also available in a no-seeum mesh.

For a little privacy for pool cages or lanais, Sunview recommends glass shield screen material for your screen repair or rescreen.

Glass shield aka privacy screen, is recommended for homes in high traffic or bordering public areas. This screen material has a coating on one side creating a frost like look. Little to no air passes through, not recommended for an entire enclosure or roof screen repair.

pets causing your screen repair issues? Sunview recommends a stronger mesh screen material like super screen, 20x20, tuff screen.

Large dogs or cats destroying your screen? Pet screen material is available for this screen repair or rescreen situation. A very heavy material usually only used at the bottom of enclosures at animal height.

For lanai , patio or pool cage near wooded areas or waterways, Sunview recommends no-seeum mesh screen material to help keep those bugs out.

Pool and patio screen still allowing mosquitoes (no seeums) through? It's time to upgrade to a tighter 20 x 20 no-seeum mesh material for your screen repair or rescreen. We recommend this material for enclosures near canals, ponds, wooded areas.



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